Miró Documents
Publication / Miró Documents. Painting-Poetry/Peinture-Poésie, sous la direction de Rémi Labrusse et Robert Lubar Messeri, Editorial UOC 2020

Publication / Miró Documents. Painting-Poetry/Peinture-Poésie
sous la direction de Rémi Labrusse et Robert Lubar Messeri
Editorial UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Painting-Poetry / Peinture-Poésie is the fourth volume of Miró Documents, a series of scientific publications promoted by the Miró Chair, which explores the artist’s work in depth, drawing on the resources of the Fundació Joan Miró Archive.

This volume is the result of the symposium co-ordinated by Robert Lubar Messeri and Rémi Labrusse on behalf of the Joan Miró International Research Group, which took place on 2018 at New York University in Paris, coinciding with the major Joan Miró retrospective at the Grand Palais.

The event was organised by the Miró Chair (Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), NYU Paris and Université Paris Nanterre, with the support of the Provost’s Global Research Initiative (NYU) and the collaboration of the Institut Ramon Llull.

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